MAX Live in the HITS Hangout! (Anti-Bullying Performance)

Alicia Keys Calls In To My Radio Show!

Talk about a great way to start your work day... Alicia Keys calls into my radio show & we talk about her upcoming concert at Ball Arena here in Denver. We discuss fans throwing things at musicians on stage, Alicia shares her tour fashion sense and so much more. I hope you enjoy this quick chat. For Alicia Keys concert tickets and more visit

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Benson Boone Opens Up About His EP Pulse

Rising pop star Benson Boone pops by the HITS 95.7 studio to talk about his EP Pulse, his sold-out concert in Denver, & the story behind his single "In The Stars". Benson was an absolute pleasure to talk to. I hope you enjoy this interview. You can watch this podcast on my youtube channel at and on the HITS 95.7 YouTube channel. Thank you for listening & remember, It's Cool to be You. - JR

From Volunteer to Business Owner. My Conversation with Anthony at Out The Box!

It's not every day you get invited to a collectibles shop after hours to record a conversation with the shop owner. Over the last few months, I've really started to find my footing here in Denver. I'm starting to make friends, create connections, and collaborate with the collector's community here in the Mile High. I'm genuinely starting to feel more and more like myself and less like I'm here because this is where my job is. Anthony (A-Tiz) is an owner and operator of the ( Out The Box ) collectibles & consignment shop in Thornton, CO. I've visited this spot a handful of times, and over these visits, he's become one of my collector community buddies quickly. I'm excited for you to hear this podcast. Anthony has a very interesting story that we've only scratched the surface on.

My audio quality will get better and better as I gain more experience in mobile recording. What I mean by that is recording podcasts outside of the radio station. With that said this is very very listenable. I'm just my own worst critic lol.

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My Conversation With Lewis Capaldi

I got to sit down and catch up with my guy Lewis Capaldi right before he performed before a sold-out crowd at Mission Ballroom in Denver, CO. We talked about his new album, single, his panic attack after a one-night stand, WWE, and a ton more fun stuff. Seriously I want to thank Lewis for taking the time to chat with me. You can watch this interview on my YouTube : @yafavhomiejr

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Interview With WWE's Bayley!! OMG

In this week's podcast, I get to sit down and chat with "Bayley" from the WWE! I cannot believe this just happened. I'm a lifelong WWE fan as you probably know & Bayley is one of my favorite superstars. I tried my absolute best to play it cool but I was fanboying super hard lol. We talked about the WWE's supershow in Denver on March 26th, her big Wrestlemania 6-woman tag-team match, and more. This is a reminder of why I LOVE this job so damn much. You can watch this interview on my youtube channel (@yafavhomiejr)

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Top 5 WWE Conspiracy Theories Debunked!

My buddy Dave Joins me to dive into the world of pro-wrestling and discuss 5 of the most popular conspiracy theories surrounding the industry. From the alleged romance between Macho Man Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon to the rumors of multiple Ultimate Warriors, we're breaking down each theory and weighing in on their believability. Whether you're a wrestling fanatic or just intrigued by a good conspiracy, this conversation is sure to entertain and spark some interesting discussions!

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WWE's Charlotte Flair Calls In! OMG I'm Freaking Out!

As a HUGE WWE fan, I cannot even begin to explain how cool this was. I got to hop on the phone and chat with the WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair! We talked about the big super show coming up on March 26th at Ball Arena here in Denver. We discussed her Wrestlemania opponent Rhea Ripley and so much more. What an absolute delight Charlotte is. OMG, I can't believe this just happened. Make sure you're listening to HITS 95.7 on your drive home because a lucky winner will be sitting ringside with me on March 26th at Ball Arena for the WWE Super-Show.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Movie Review)

WARNING SPOILERS: While Dave & I both enjoyed the film, it's no instant classic. Very quotable and Paul Rudd is funny once again, but listen to this episode to get our full thoughts! How did you feel about the movie? Lemme know. - JR

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Ryan Seacrest says GOODBYE to Live with Kelly and Ryan after 10 years!

In this podcast, I discuss the breaking news that Ryan Seacrest will be leaving "Live with Kelly and Ryan" this spring. I'll explore the challenges that come with being a celebrity, particularly the toll that demanding schedules take on mental and physical health, using Ryan Seacrest as a case study. I also discuss the importance of prioritizing the well-being and good communication between co-hosts. We end the video by sharing Seacrest's and Ripa's thoughts on his departure and what the future holds for the show. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the show for more news and updates on your favorite celebrities.