Working Out Like Our Great-Grandmothers Could Be The Best Workout

Today, we're lazy. Like more then ever. We have our food delivered, booze sent to us, you name it. So why do we question why we're not in shape. Well did you ever look to your great grandmother and see what they did? It might be the answer to what you're looking for. This was their form of exercis:

  • Rolling dough and cooking
  • Hanging laundry outside
  • Ironing bed linens with a heavy iron
  • Lugging heavy bags home from the grocery store
  • Pushing over rugs and sweeping the carpet

It’s recommended we do 150 minutes a week of exercise. This can equal out to just 20-30 minutes a day of short-interval, high-intensity physical activity – and it doesn’t have to be done in the gym. Just like our great grandparents, we can count parts of our daily routine as exercise if we intentionally try:

  • Climb stairs rather than take the elevator
  • Carry groceries into the house one bag at a time
  • Go for short walks as many times as possible during the day
  • Park in the back parking spots instead of the front

Source:Psychology Today

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