New Bigfoot Video Is Out. Could This Be Real?

Photo: Getty Images/THEPALMER

IYKYK, and if you didn't, there is a bounty in Oklahoma for the capture of Bigfoot that could score you a payday of $2million. Don't believe us? CLICK HERE

So what does that mean for you? Well, there is a new video out that has Bigfoot researchers and Enthusiasts buzzing about the fuzzy beast (person? Guy? Girl? Doesn't matter.) The researchers are saying it may be the best-quality clip ever taken of Bigfoot, and it was supposedly taken in Idaho and it looks huge as it walks by and has a very large muscular figure walking through a wooded area.

Some Bigfoot experts aren't convinced that the footage is real, but there are a lot that do. The sighting hasn't been officially registered on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website, but that doesn't mean fans aren't excited over the "find." What do you think? Real or not?

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