Are You A Hot Dog Or Hamburger Person?

Photo: Getty Images/Mark Tan/EyeEm/Ivan

Do you have plans to be at a backyard Barbecue anytime soon? Well you know you'll at least have a few basic choices, hot dogs or hamburgers, and what you prefer may say a lot about your personality.

The new Applegate survey, just released in time for National Hot Dog Day (which today), finds:

  • 75% of people will opt for burgers over hot dogs.
  • But those who prefer a dog over a burger are more likely to be…
    • Picky eaters (34% vs. 29%)
    • Single-taskers (24% vs. 19%)
    • Extroverts (24% vs. 19%)
  • Burger fans do tend to think they are more open minded than hot dog fans (52% vs. 46%).
  • Burger fans also believe…
    • They are more kind (57% vs. 52%)
    • They get more laughs (47% vs. 42%) 
  • Although it’s the subject of constant debate, it seems most people do agree that both burgers and hot dogs are a sandwich.
  • In fact, 70% of people say a sandwich is “any food between two pieces of bread.”
  • As for how folks prefer to eat their hotdogs:
  • 75% put their condiments on first before adding the hot dog.
  • One in three say it makes less of a mess.
  • As for American’s favorite condiment, ketchup wins the honor (63%) over mustard (27%). 

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