You Probably Shouldn't Do This If You Shower At Night

Photo: Getty Images/Gary John Norman

When it comes to showering, people like to do it at different times of the day. Some like to wake up and shower, but if you're like Jrod you shower at night before you go to bed to wash away the gime of the day. But is showing at night a bad thing? What damage could you really be doing to yourself? You might be surprised because you could be putting your sleep at risk.

According to experts, there's really nothing wrong with showing at night, but the thing it's messing up is it's making it harder for them to fall asleep. Rachel Salas, MD is a sleep neurologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep and Wellness, says those who shower at night need to be careful of extremes. So like Jrod, you'll take a SUPER HOT shower at night, or maybe if you've been working outside you take a cold shower, but both can affect your sleep. She says "What you're doing is you're making your body temperature so different from baseline." So should you shower at night? A warm shower is suggested by PHD Phyllis Zee chief of sleep medicine at Northwestern University, saying the best option is to take a warm shower at least one to two hours before going to bed.

Warm shower. Not too hot, not too cold is perfect. It helps your body cool off since it will warn your limbs and cool off the central parts of your body. Cooling down your body will help you fall asleep faster. So which is better?? A night shower or a morning shower, experts agree it’s really a matter of preference. While a night shower may help you fall asleep, for others a morning shower is preferable because it helps them wake up.