Do You Think You're Being Used In Your Relationship? Here's How To Find Out

Photo: Getty Images/The Good Brigade

It would be awesome to know if you were being used of not before your friends need to pull you off to the side and tell you. I mean, we all love LOVE, but it's really hard to spot when it's actually love with someone or if they have other motives. So what are the signs that someone is using you? These may be some of the biggest red flags:

They Show Signs Of Disinterest.

When was the last time your partner asked about your day or even seemed interested in your stories? If it’s been a while, that’s a bad sign. According to therapistTina Sadri“most often when someone is using another they will show signs of disinterest in conversations, in the other’s activities of choice, and in their likes and dislikes.” Everyone has their off days or even weeks but if your boo is routinely doing the bare minimum for you, consider moving on.

They’re Suddenly Super Nice When They Want Something.

While it’s nice for them to shower you with affection if that only comes right after they ask to borrow some money, that’s a red flag. PsychologistRachel Greenbergsays if “you’re struggling to feel like you're cared for in a way that elicits a sense of balance, safety, and trust, something is awry in the connection and should be addressed.”

You Feel Uneasy Around Them.

Your body might be involuntarily telling you they’re using you. Social worker Amalia Sirica recommends paying attention to how you feel whenever you talk to or hang out with your partner. If you feel tense or jittery this might be a sign your partner doesn’t have your best interests in mind and your body is trying to get you out of there.It might be time to listen!

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