Get Ready!!!! Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs Are Coming

Photo: Getty Images/NAKphotos

Lots of people love ranch dressing. Then there are the people that LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE ranch dressing. But what if it was on your feet? Not in the dirty place your mind just went to.

Hidden Valley and Crocs are teaming up for some footy goodness to be released later this year. Oh, and as you may have guessed....they'll be white like the dressing, but they'll also be speckled green (Again, like the dressing.)

So how can you top that? How about the charms from Jibbitz that the Crocs will be sporting. Some of the thing people like to dip into their ranch dressing, are now in charm form. Like pizzas, veggies, chicken nuggets, and french fries.

When can you get your ranch dressing loving hands on these gifts from the gods of ranch dressing?? Look for them in late 2021