Want To Get A $43 Wedding Dress With A 5 Star Review? Here's How!

Photo: Getty Images/Astrakan Images

Some women want to get that perfect wedding dress and they end up spending thousands of dollars. But because of COVID and people still wanting to have a wedding, a bunch of brides have been embracing a gown that is a lot cheaper.

According to a new report, brides to be are going crazy for a lacy form-fitting wedding dress from Lalagen, which sells on Amazon for just $43. The dress has over 4800 reviews, with 75% of them a 5 star rating. Brides love the dress for it's stretch favric and flattering off the shoulder neckline. The designer says they can keep the price doesn since they sell them directly to the consumers, and they offer it in 5 sizes, and brides can get it quick with Prime shipping.

So why is the dress so popular? They say it's the sizing. It's flattering to more sizes.

There was one bride why said she bought 3 expensive dresses for her big day before they needed to cancel it. She then purchased the Lalagen dress for her reception, and just loved it. She writes that she's "seriously considering this as my main ceremony dress because I loved it that much." she adds, "This was my dream dress, and I still can't believe my dream dress was less than $40. Would recommend to anyone, whether on a budget or not."