Looking For Easter Treat Ideas For Your Kids Class? Here's A Cute Idea

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It's almost always happens. Your kid comes at you and tells you last minutes they need something for that school holiday party....so last minutes, you scramble trying to get something cute together so the other parents don't think you're the worst. But what do you do?

A friend of the show Christy DeLano had to make something for her "Little Cy-bug's" holiday party for his first day back at school. But what do you make? So Christy did what every parent does in a pinch and went to Google and looked up "Easy party treats for kids." Which Christy says "They never end up being easy LOL."

But check out these awesome last minute treat ideas she put together. They're little race car bunnies. They're made with bunny cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, M&m's, and a chocolate to hold the whole thing together.

Photo: Christy DeLano

So when it comes to your kid party win, make sure you share with us. Now we want these in our face