Study Says 7 in 10 Say They Wouldn't Have 'Survived' 2020 Without Their Pet

Photo: Getty Images/Elena Gonzalez Hontoria/EyeEm

In our minds essential workers can never get enough praise for everything they've had to go through over this past year. But there is another group that deserves some major props...and maybe a new ball or toy mouse too. Because according to a new survey, most pet owners seem to all agree that they wouldn't have made it to 2021 without their animal companions.

These numbers are crazy. 71% of pet owners say that they would not have survived the coronavirus crisis if their pet wasn't with them. But it's not like they trained their dog on how to smell COVID or taught their cat to install a ventilator. They just realized how important their pet is to them. The survey found 84% of pet parents now understand truly how much their pets improve their lives because of the quarantine.

All of this time spent at home with your pets has alos made people realize they need to rework their schedule to keep it up. A total of 80% of owners said their pet deserves more of their time this year and it all seems to end up being the same. We're planning on spending a lot of it spoiling them. In fact, 44% of pet parents say they would spend more money on their pet than they would on gifts for their partner.

So is there more pet time in your future because they saved your life over the last year??