This Is The Most Un-datable Astrological Sign

Photo: Getty Images/Sarayut Thaneerat

You've heard it before. Love is in the stars and that's all you need. But can certain astrological signs may not be a good love match for you. There is a new survey out that says some are no good for anyone.

A new poll finds:

  • 42% of people say they look to the stars to uncover whether they are compatible with their significant other.
  • 48% consult their horoscope for advice on their romantic life.
  • A third of Americans actually refuse to date people with certain astrological signs.
  • 42% of people say Gemini is the most undatable astrological sign, followed by:
  • Cancer (37%
  • Taurus (36%)
  • Aries (34%)
  • Leo (31%)
  • Virgo (28%)
  • Scorpio (24%)
  • Libra (22%)
  • Sagittarius (17%)
  • Capricorn (16%)
  • Aquarius (10%)
  • Pisces (7%)