Here Are Fun Things To Do With The Kids In The Snow

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It's not here......yet, but the weather people are saying the only way to avoid the snow is to actually move the state, and that's not happening. So what will you do? Distance learning can only go so far, then you hear the thing that hits your core. "I'm bored. What can we do??" So we found 18 things you can do to entertain the family on these frozen days we have coming.

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1 Snowball Fight:

Divide your family into teams if you have enough people....if not invite the neighborhood kid you hate to play. That's what people did to Jrod so they could use him as target practice. Build a wall of snow for each team to hide behind, and put a tiny snowman on top. Each team takes turns throwing snowballs to knock down the other teams snowmen. FYI, if you get hit by the other team, you have to join them. the group that hits all their opponent's snowmen first wins/get's to do a victory dance.

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2 Build A Snow Castle

Have a contest with the fam to see who can build the best snow palace in a set time frame, or make it a larger than life fortress. Use the same molds for making castles at the beach from your last vacation, or garden tools to help dig and shape the snow.

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3 Make Snow Monsters

This should be a more fun take on the classic snowman. But, it's made to scare everyone.

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4 Follow The Tracks

For a twist on hide-and-seek, have everyone but one “seeker” walk around in the snow to find a spot to hide. Then have the “seeker” follow the marks to reveal each player. “It’s surprisingly fun and challenging for young kids,”

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5 Make Your Own Winter Games

Organize your own Winter Olympics: First, construct an obstacle course by packing snow into different-size mounds that kids can jump over, scramble around, or weave through as you time them. Next, pair up your little ones up for a snowball roll-off (whoever makes the biggest snowball wins). Finally, end with a snowball toss to see who can throw the farthest.

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6 Send Them On A Treasure Hunt

“Give kids a nature-based list of what to look for, like pinecones, berries, acorns, bird feathers, or whatever they might find in your yard,” says Laura Froyen, Ph.D., host of The Balanced Parent podcast and a mom of two in Madison, Wisconsin. You can even give it a theme by hiding toys outside for kids to find. “We’ve done scavenger hunts forFrozenfigurines, dinosaurs, and dollhouse furniture,” says Dr. Froyen. Here’s another idea: Freeze colored water into ice cubes, then hide them around the yard for kids to find.

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7 Hula Hoop Contest

Grab a few hula hoops, and have a contest to see who can last the longest. It's a lot harder when you're all bundled up!

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8 Play Tic-Tac-Snow

Two players go for the championship in this classic game. Use criss-crossed sticks and pinecones as game pieces.

Photo: Getty Images/Brigette Sporrer

9 Pin The Smile On The Snowman

Pass out chocolate cookies, then blindfold each child and let him try to get the mouth, eyes, and buttons in place.

Photo: Getty Images/Yuga Kurita

10 Make A Snow Volcano

Remember that old-school science-fair project? This snowy version uses the same explosion-inducing ingredients—all of which you probably have in your pantry. 

What You'll Need :A small, narrow plastic cup or old pill bottle, baking soda, dishwashing liquid, red food coloring, vinegar

What To Do:

  1. Nestle the cup in the center of a pile of snow and mound more snow around it to form a volcano shape. (Leave the top of the cup exposed.)
  2. Add a few spoonfuls of baking soda, one spoonful of dishwashing liquid, and some food coloring to the cup.
  3. Now pour in a big splash of vinegar and watch the eruption!

Most of all with the pending show, just keep in mind it's going to be a little stressful, but it's family and snow days are....or at least should be fun. Stay safe and warm!!