Quitting Smoking Could Make You A Millionaire

Photo: Getty Images/Yulia Reznikov

We all know that smoking is bad for us. Don't get me wrong, my family has smoked for years. So it makes you think how bad is it for your wallet. So what does smoking cost you over your lifetime?

There was a new report done by WalletHub and they did the math on how much smoking can cost you per state, and the numbers are shocking. They looked at the annual cost of a pack a day habit, but also healthcare costs, income losses and other $$$$ brought on by smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke.

The States With The Highest Cost Of Smoking (per lifetime)

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  1. Massachusetts ($3,171,757)
  2. District of Columbia ($3,163,975)
  3. New York $3,114,670)
  4. Connecticut $3,103,591)
  5. Rhode Island ($3,054,696)
  6. Hawaii ($2,934,683)
  7. Minnesota ($2,848,128)
  8. Alaska ($2,814,941)
  9. Washington ($2,694,071)
  10. California ($2,685,504)

Now these numbers are over your lifetime. But think about all the times you couldn't get lunch, but you could afford smokes. You mean to tell me we all could be millionaires? Just something to think about.