Here Are Some New Hotel Trends That May Stick Around

Photo: Getty Images/Klaus Vedfelt

If you had a job in 2020 you know you had to adapt to some new things, including the hotel industry. This was to make travelers feel more safe outside their homes. Many hotes introduced new protocols to make people feel more comfortable staying at hotels again, and guests are likely to see most of these new trends stick around in 2021 and beyond.

According to data and analytics company GlobalData, hospitality trends that are likely to continue in 2021 include:

  • Enhanced hygiene protocols– All those safety and hygiene procedures adapted in 2020 aren’t gong away so fast. In fact, many hotel chains likely to keep improving their programs in order to set them apart from competitors.
  • Work-friendly rooms– With so many folks working remotely now, which means they can work from anywhere, hotels will make their rooms even more accommodating to working guests, adding faster W-Fi, practical workstations and more.
  • Touchless technology– The less things people have to touch the better so hotels, as well as airports, restaurants and more are likely to embrace touchless technology.
  • Added flexibility– Guests want to have flexibility when it comes to their stay so more hotels will be embracing 100% refunds for last-minute cancelations, as well as other risk-reducing policies.
  • Outdoor spaces– Until everyone is vaccinated it will still be safer to spend time outdoors so more and more properties will be looking to expand outdoor spaces for their guests. 

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