Experts Say THIS Is The Most Effective Diet for 2021

Photo: Getty Images/Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao

For the 4th year in a row, the Mediterranean Diet, which focused on fruits, veggies, and fish, continues to be named the best diet according to the U.S> News and World Report's annual ranking. After that:

The DASH and Flexitarian diet tied in at number two for Best Overall Diet. The DASH diet (short forDietaryApproaches toStopHypertension) is aimed at helping user lower their blood pressure. What’s a ‘Flexitarian?’ A modified vegetarian where users eat animal products in moderation.

After that, WW (aka Weight Watchers), which scored big for highest overall weight loss and fast weight loss.

The Mayo Clinic Diet came in at number five as the one for a lifetime habit change – and one that experts agree is safe and nutritious.

...but it shares the #5 slot with the MIND Diet, which is centered on foods and a mindset that are healthy for your brain health.

See the complete listHERE, but of course, before you jump on any diet plan, DO check with your doctor. The bottom line? Lots of us put on some stress pounds in 2020, but don’t make things worse by hurting yourself in 2021.