People Reveal How They Broke Their New Year’s Resolutions Already

Photo: Getty Images/Nora Carol Photography

If you're like many people, you made a New Year's resolution for 2021/ While we're only a few days into the new year, there's a big group of people who have already broken their resolution. Well, now a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing how they already broke their resolutions, and how fast, and we're sure there are plenty of people who can relate.

Confessions include:

  • “Started the year by deleting Tinder and staying away from the casual hookup. It’s day 5 and I already broke the resolution.”
  • “I broke my resolution to not watch porn last year, and the same happened now. I really need help.”
  • “I tried being celibate for my New Year’s resolution. I got two months in and I broke down.”
  • “Already broke my resolution of being honest with others and myself. I’m not down to hurt people even if it’s the truth.”
  • “My New Year’s resolution was to start sleeping early. But I broke it when I stayed up all night and turned up at my parents’ house.”
  • “My New Year’s resolution was to eat less. Well, already broke it six days after January 1st.”
  • “I broke my no hookup resolution, it just feels good to have someone fawn over your body and kiss you everywhere when the world tries to make you feel like as a big girl nobody would like you.”
  • “5 days into the New Year and I already broke my New Year’s resolution. I promised myself I wouldn’t sleep with my ex-gf and I did it tonight.”
  • “My New Year’s resolution is to be financially responsible and independent. I just paid my phone bill and I am now broke. I can’t do this.”
  • “My New Year’s resolution was to be vegetarian, broke that the next day. I thought it would be so easy until I realized the ridiculous amount of food I had to give up.”
  • “My New Years resolution was to not bite my nails, broke that after a matter of minutes.”