Americans Think Dating Has Changed For Good, Thanks COVID-19

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Plenty Of Fish is a lot of our go to apps to find love these days, and Plenty Of Fish recently released their top dating trends for 2021, with many of them inspired by the current coronavirus pandemic. It seems that most singles are also thinking thanks to COVID 19 that dating will never be the same.

The New Survey Finds:

63% of American say that the coronavirus has permanently changed dating.

While some folks may be looking forward to meeting people in real life again, 31% believe virtual dates are now here to stay.

66% say the pandemic has been the biggest dating game-changer since the rise of online dating.

So, how exactly has the pandemic changed dating?

30% say they are now more likely to rely on dating apps than they were before.

44% say they are likely to think twice before touching and kissing on dates.

On a positive note, 57% of people believe the coronavirus quarantine made it easier for them to reach the “comfort zone” with a partner.

The average person reports it took five months to reach that zone.

50% of people believe you can actually reach the “comfort zone” with someone based on just virtual dates. 

But what exactly qualifies as reaching that “comfort zone?”

Well for most people it’s sleeping in the same bed (48%).

Other signs you’ve reached the “comfort zone” with a partner include:

Meet their family (38%)

Leave the door open when I use the bathroom (37%)

Tell them a deep secret (36%)

Shower at their place (36%)

  • Call each other pet names (34%)
  • Don't wear makeup in front of them (32%)
  • Have them meet my family (32%)
  • Trust them to take care of my pet (30%)
  • Talk about having a future together (marriage, kids, etc.) (29%)
  • Take a trip together (29%)
  • Be naked around the house together (28%)

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