Here Is The Best Chinese Restaurant In Every State!! You Hungry Now??

Photo: Getty Images/Takanori Ogawa examined crowdsourced reviews as well as regional and local publications. And focusing on Chinese only – not Asian-fusion –here’s a look at the list they came up with:

  • Alabama– Ming’s Garden (Montgomery) – specialties include ma po tofu, mandarin shredded pork. Seafood, Peking duck, twice-cooked pork and others
  • Arizona– Wong’s Chinese Cuisine (Phoenix) – a family-owned spot that uses top-quality, fresh ingredients. Standouts include hout and sour soup, lo mein and kung pao chicken and the Mongolian beef is also a favorite
  • California– Mama Lu’s Dumpling House (Monterey Park) – Known for juicy pork dumplings, beef wraps, spicy wontons, house stir-fried udon and more
  • Connecticut– Sichuan Pepper (Vernon) – Dan dan mein ( noodles with minced pork and spicy sauce), house-made pork wontons in seaweed and dried shrimp broth and hot and spicy frog legs
  • Florida– China Tea (Orlando) – famous for crispy sesame and General Tso’s chicken, spicy Mongolian beef and great fried rice
  • Illinois– MingHin Cuisine (Chicago) – Michelin-recognized restaurant located in Chinatown Square and has popular dim sum, juicy har gow, pan-fried turnip cakes and Malay steamed egg cake
  • Louisiana– Dian Xin (New Orleans) – offering crowd pleasers like crabmeat and crawfish bao, pork and shrimp shumai, honey chicken and sauteed bok choy
  • Michigan– Best China (Canton) – Shanghai specialties are the selling point including spicy salted shrimp, chili fish, pork pan-fried noodle, cumin beef, mapo tofu or scallion pancakes. Sweet and savory pastries are available for dessert
  • New York– Xi’an Famous Foods (New York City) – it’s a chain in NYC offering hand-pulled noodle dishes, spicy cumin lamb with hand-ripped noodles and stewed porl burger. 12 locations across Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn
  • Texas– Asia Café (Austin) – favorites are steamy bowls of spicy beef soup, spicy honey comb with beef, tripe and tongue, twice-cooked pork and zhong dumplings, one of Chengdu’s most famous street foods

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