Here Are 5 Life Hacks You Probably Wish You Knew Sooner

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Sometimes life hacks may sound like they take some effort, but sometimes they're totally worth it for everyday tasks. Here are a few that you wish you would have known about sooner.

No more leaky trash

Let's be real, taking out the trash is usually a pain in the rear, especially if you have a big trash can and it's been sitting there for a few days. Not only is the smell always unplesant, the worst part about taking it out is when the bag leaks into your can or on your floors. So what do you do? well, put some newspaper at the bottom of the bag, it will absorb some of the liquid and your trash won't topple over

How can you quickly clean your microwave No more leaky trash

If I were betting, your microwave is really dirty, and it gets that way quick. Especially since it's not exactly at the top of our mind when it comes to something that needs to be cleaned. If there is some dried in your microwave, try heating a bowl filled with water for 2 minutes. The steam created by the hot water will force any gunk to become unstuck, making it easier to clean. But be careful, it's going to be really HOT.

TV as a phone charger

Lets face it, our phone chargers are life. But they're also one of the most forgotten items, especially when traveling. So if you don't feel like going to your nearest convience store, you can always use the TV in your room, which most have a USB port on the back. Now, it's really slow to charge, but it's a good hack to have in unexpected situations.

No speaker? No problem

Speakers are always awesome to have. But sometimes you forget about them or they're too expensive and your computer does a fine enough job playing music. a pinch, you can put your phone into an empty glass, mug or bowl. Paper cups tend to work best, even better, the red solo cups boos the volume to higher decibles. While the sound won't be as good as the one you get from a regular speaker, this will always work when there in not another option.

Use velcro to keep rugs in place

This hack you don't need to do on every rug in your house, but we would say to use it for the most traveled areas in your home, like the living room/TV room. Velcro is discreet and will save you the hassle of always needing to move the rug around because someone kicked it, or your bad pet came running through the room and moved it for the 100th time today

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