How Much Money Are You Really Saving By Giving Up Starbucks

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So COVID19 has had you working from home for months actually might be where you are in your job from here on out. But your normal day would be to stop and grab coffee on the way to the office as part of your daily routine. So some of us are missing our Frappuccinos and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but the one thing all of this is doing is not helping you save money.

So how much are you really saving by drinking coffee at home and not going out to get it daily or several times a day? Well according to Next Advisor, those who have had to give up their Starbucks fix could be saving a lot of cash. Well depending on what type of coffee they make at home instead.

Here's what people are spending on coffee now:

  • Starbucks- $2.75 a cup or $2,007.50 a year
  • Nespresso- $1.10 a cup, or $962.00 a year
  • Keurig- $.48 a cup or $533.50 year
  • French Press- $.22 a cup or $160.60 a year
  • Coffee Pot- $.03 a cup or $45.90 a year 

So if you're looking to make some wiggle room in that budget, making coffee at home could save you about $1,961.60 a year.

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