Here's The Simple Trick That Will Improve The Taste Of Your Oatmeal

Photo: Getty Images/Arx0nt

Almost everyone has had oatmeal, it's an American classic, and for a lot of people it's the best way to start their day. Why? It's easy to make, it's filling and also healthy. So with COVID-19, a lot of people have gained some weight. It's worth noting that to make oatmeal taste good you don't really need to add high calorie sugar flavorings to keep it interesting. So how can you make it interesting and healthy?

Well, you can use tea instead of water. Brew a pot of tea and add bananas, papaya, honey, blueberries and or almonds. Want to add a little more flavor try mint or another kind of herbal tea. So how will you change up your oatmeal?? Have fun and enjoy.

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