COVID-19 Has Caused A Huge Spike In Slip N Slide Sales

Photo: Getty Images/Cavan Images

If you haven't noticed, COVID-19 has mostly forced families to keep all the water play in their own backyard.Wham-O the company that introduced the Slip 'N Slide back in 1961 has seen sales jump 180% since April. So bring on the bruises and hurt ribs. Those things really hurt bad.

The president of Wham-O Todd Richards said there was a time in April the company had 10 days in a row where sales doubled each day. So much they had to stop taking online orders to keep stock.

So if you've been trying to keep your family busy, or just trying to keep yourself from going crazy, this is the perfect outlet.

Wham-O's Frisbee sales jumped 500% around the same time, and the warehouse that would normally hold them is totally empty now.

Classic toys are making a huge comeback, so if you're trying to keep your family entertained that might be the way to go.

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