These Are The Top Ten Shows On Netflix

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So you've been stuck in the house with your family for almost 60 days now. You love them, but you need to get away and take a break for a second. But you have no way of going outside. So what do you watch on TV? Here are the top 10 shows on Netflix right now.

  1. "Dead To Me"(season 2 premiere)Christina Applegate stars as a woman grieving the sudden death of her husband... with the help of her mysterious friend Judy, played by Linda Cardellini
  2. "John Henry" (2020): Terry Crews and Ludacris star in this crime drama about a former LA gang member forced to revisit the life he left behind.
  3. "Outer Banks" (series premiere): In Netflix's new teen drama, a group of friends from North Carolina's carefree summer turns into a dark treasure hunt when they discover a sunken ship.
  4. "Sleepless" (2017): In this crime thriller starring Jamie Foxx, a Las Vegas cop tries to rob a drug shipment from a casino kingpin... resulting in the kidnapping of his son.
  5. "Hollywood" (series premiere): Ryan Murphy's latest project features "American Horror Story" favorite and takes place in an alternate Golden Age of Hollywood after World War II.
  6. "Grey's Anatomy": The popular medical drama's 16th season is now on Netflix for you to binge along with the rest of the series.
  7. "Ozark"(season 3): The fan-and-critic-favorite starring Jason Bateman is back with more money laundering, waterboarding, and dead possums.
  8. "Workin' Moms" (season 4 premiere): This hit Canadian comedy follows a group of friends taking on motherhood in their own unique ways... this time, their kids are older, which comes along with a new set of challenges.
  9. "Never Have I Ever" (series premiere): This coming-of-age series is based on Mindy Kaling's experience growing up, following an Indian-American sophomore planning her best school year yet.
  10. "The Last Kingdom": The fictional British historical drama first premiere on BBC in 2015, and now it's on Netflix for everyone to enjoy.

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