5 Snacks You Should Take On A Long Flight

Photo: Getty Images/Chanin Wardkhian

The Holidays are coming and maybe you're thinking about visiting family. Driving takes forever, so you opt to take a plane, but that ride is also going to be loooooooooonnnnnnngggggg. Plus you know you're going to get hungry on the flight. So what should you keep on hand to keep you satisfied during your flight?

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly– It’s not just for kids anymore, and it contains protein, and if you put it on a whole grain bread it will keep you full during your long flight.

  • Trail Mix– Nuts are great for sustainable energy, which is important on a long flight, plus dried fruit will add fiber which will keep you full.

  • Oatmeal Cup– It’s an easy travel meal, and all you’ll need is some hot water from the flight attendant. It’s already filling, but if you add a nut butter it could fill you up even more.

  • Jerky– Again, protein is key to keeping you satisfied, and that’s basically what jerky is. Plus, since it’s so chewy you can’t gobble it up really fast.

  • String Cheese & Veggies– Both of these will provide you with the nutrients you need on a long flight. Plus, string cheese can last 12 hours without being refrigerated. And, veggies are always a healthy snack that will fill you up.

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