Does Different Booze Make You Act Different??

Photo: Getty Images/Luis Alvarez

Weed people will tell you that different strains of weed will give you a different kind of high. So you might be wondering if the same thing goes for your booze. Does getting your wine time on make you feel different from drinking a few beers??

Looks like the answer is no. "Alcohol is alcohol." according to Dr. Nicole Lee. It doesn't really matter what you're drinking. What really matters is the booze you're drinking and how strong it is, the amount you drink, and your tolerance. The location where you're drinking and other health factors can also mess with your experience.

Oh, and the saying "Liquor before bee, you're in the clear" thing is also crap according to Dr. Joran Kochling of Faculty of Health at Witten/Herdecke University who tested this hypothesis and found that avoiding hangovers cannot be avoided "only drinking specific types of alcohols." So go with the good old advice of everything is good in moderation.

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