Yukon Mom Get's Shamed For Halloween Pics She Took Of Her Kids

Photo: Facebook/Bobbi Rylant

Most people get into the Halloween holiday. But one mom from Yukon who loves the holiday is being blasted for taking things a bit too far, according to the internet.

Bobbi is a mom from Yukon, and does photography as a side hustle, and she dressed her kids up in full on zombie make-up for fun photos. The photos include one of her 10 months old son sitting in a bucket of blood and eating what looks like a brain, and his older sister in full zombie make-up

After posting the photos on Facebook they got shared over 200,000 times and people on social media always have opinions. A lot of them were positive, but not everyone had good things to say. In fact a lot of people were just nasty, and some suggested Bobbi's kids should be taken away from her and others said her pics looked like an "abortion scene."

We personally think the photos were fun, and it helps the kids realize that monsters are not real and these pics were just for fun.

Bobbi is a great mom, and she assures you that her kids are taken care of and just fine.