Mood Killers All Couples Have Experienced


You have the perfect evening planned, capped by a session of "romantic time" when, all of the sudden, the mood is destroyed.  Everyone's been there, and Cosmo put together this list of some of the most common causes.  Any of these happen to you?

Your mom calling. It’s like, 10:30 PM on a Wednesday. She wouldn’t call unless it was something important, so of course you have to stop your "fun time" to make sure something terrible hasn't happened. And nope, she needs to talk to you for 20 minutes about how to DVR something. Mood ruined!

You both heard a weird noise somewhere in the house. Don’t ignore it, that’s what people in horror movies do (and they're always the ones who die first). Of course, it always winds up being your cat knocking something over, but why risk it?

Sudden and debilitating nausea. Sometimes, that romantic raw oyster bar dinner or night out drinking are just preludes to barfing later. Mood killed.

Somehow getting into an argument when "things" are heating up. You’d think this would be impossible. How could anyone fight when they’re about to "romance?"

Getting way to into the Netflix portion of “Netflix and chill.” You scroll through the “trending now” section and throw on something that looks uninteresting enough. The next thing you know, you’re binge-watching the whole series and wondering why no one told you about The Good Place before now.

Bad post-dinner gas. Think of your favorite celebrity crush. Now imagine them burping in your face just before you’re about to get romantic. Not so fun, eh?

Having that sexy playlist suddenly spiral out of control. Hey, our iHeartRadio app is great. We brag about it all the time. But sometimes that perfect playlist can go go rogue, and if Romantic Love Songs playlist decides to sneak in the wrong song, you mood could be destroyed.

Photo: Getty | Kateryna Soroka

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