Shawn Mendes Has Some Thoughts On America’s Drinking Age

Shawn Mendes may only be 19 years old, but in Canada that makes him old enough to drink and says he definitely enjoys some cocktails when he’s home in Ontario. He tells “Rolling Stone” he drinks a “sh*t ton,” when he’s home, and his favorite drink used to be rye and ginger but he “had to slow down because they don’t feel good the next morning” so now, he prefers tequila. 

As for the legal drinking age being 21 in the U.S., he think it would be a “f***ing great idea” if that age was changed to 18. "In America there's this kind of pressure that builds inside of needing to go to the bar that by the time you're 21, which is like a full adult, you just explode," he says. "I feel like a lot of crazy things kind of happen to kids when they first go out instead of if it was a few years younger. Maybe they wouldn't have been so tempted to go that crazy.”

He adds that it’s very frustrating that he can’t go to bars in the U.S. when he’s here, noting, “I care about time with friends in bars. I'm being denied a social experience, not an alcoholic beverage,” adding, “I wish I was allowed to just go in the bar and drink a pop because then I would at least be there with everyone and I wouldn't have to be in my hotel while everyone else is at the bar."

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Photo: Getty/Rich Polk

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