To Take Your Husband's Name Or Not? Listen To What Priyanka Chopra Did

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I've always kinda thought that I was going to keep my name the way it is. I've created an identity for myself and when my parents divorced my mom kept my dad's last name because of the kids. And I mean it worked out for her because they got back together, but it always kinda made me think of changing my name differently.

But, Priyanka Chopra just said something that made me change my mind on this a tad. She's of course now Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and when she was asked why she did that she said , "I don't take away my identity...he gets added to who I am."


I NEVER thought of it that way and I feel like it's so beautiful. He gets ADDED to who I am. That's exactly what it is. So, I have officially decided that I will put my last name as my middle name and add on my husbands name to my identity.


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