TikTok Star Arrested For Exposing Herself To Boys During Livestream

TikTok influencer Kylie Strickland has been arrested by the Troup County Sheriff's Office in Georgia after exposing herself to two young boys at a pool that was featured in a TikTok video.

Strickland was charged with electric pornography and child exploitation according to The Daily Mail.

The story gets even crazier too because text messages between Strickland and the father of the two boys show that the dad was OK with it according to reports.

In another livestream following the incident she stated that she wasn't responsible for parenting someone else's child. She also claims the boys were drinking tequila shots and had seen "more boobs than I've probably seen in my entire life"

The Troup County Sheriff's Office released the following statement regarding the incident and arrest:

On June 28th, investigators with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office were made aware of a TikTok video that had been circulated which appeared to show an adult female expose her breast to two young boys in a swimming pool. Other people can also be heard in the background and seen in the video. After a diligent investigation, it has been determined that this act occurred in another county outside of our jurisdiction, specifically Pike County, Georgia.

Our investigators have spoken with Pike County Sheriff’s Office investigators and will continue to work with them for any information they require from our team. While we understand the emotions that this video caused, we always take our time when investigating any case, especially of one originating on social media.

Any further questions or concerns you may have, you can direct those to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

Full Story/Source: Daily Mail

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