Buzz from 'Home Alone' Booked On Domestic Violence Charges In Oklahoma City

'Home Alone' star Devin Ratray who played 'Buzz McAllister' was booked on domestic violence charges after a warrant was issued stemming from an alleged altercation with his girlfriend in Oklahoma City 2 weeks ago.

Ratray was booked on felony domestic assault and battery by strangulation and misdemeanor domestic assault and battery. He was released on $25,000 bond immediately after being booked in.

The probable cause affidavit is quite disturbing. The victim filed a police report on December 10th claiming Ratray attacked her in their hotel room after a night out in OKC. The victim claims he pushed her, punched her in the face, and pressed his hands against her throat and mouth while saying "this is how you die". What started the fight? The couple were at Coyote Ugly after dining at Mickey Mantle's and when a couple women asked Ratray for an autograph - his girlfriend handed them a couple pre-signed cards which she had on her - and he got mad at her for not CHARGING them for the autographs.

So yeah ... in case you were wondering, it looks like the 'Buzz' you see in the movies might not be far from the real person playing him.

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