Risk to take in your 20's

Your 20s are the time when you should be doing crazy stuff and experimenting with stuff. It’s the time when you should move to a new city for no reason and travel around the world and go out on a weekday just because you can. Here are some ideas of how to really make the most of your 20s so you don’t have to regret it for the rest of your life:


  • Do the thing you’re most afraid of - Figure out what it is that really freaks you out, and do it. Seriously. When else will you get the opportunity?
  • Book a trip you can’t afford - Your 20s are the really acceptable time to be broke. It’s pretty much expected of you, actually.
  • Put yourself out there - Don’t be afraid of failing. You have plenty of time to fail and get back up again.
  • Leave a job you really hate to pursue your passions - If you’re working a job you really can’t stand or see yourself moving on with, leave it behind. You have your whole life ahead of you!
  • Live in the present moment - Don’t let fear of the future freak you out. Just do you and the rest will fall into place.
  • Date the jerk - Maybe don’t STAY with the asshole long-term, but let him around for a while. Go out to drinks. Whatever.
  • Put your phone away sometimes - You don’t want to look back at your 20s and realize you were glued to your phone the whole time. It’s time to put the screens down a few times a day.
  • Try something new - Think of something that you maybe don’t even think you’d be that interested in, and do it.
  • Chase your passions - If you’re really truly passionate about something, go after it. Now’s the time to really see what you can chip away at with your dreams.


And remember, you’ll never be younger or hotter than you are right now. So make it work, folks!


SourceThought Catalog

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