How to date someone at the gym

Going to the gym is a great opportunity to check out the other people who go there. It’s like a playground of hot guys and girls just waiting to be picked up. But what happens when you actually start dating someone and then you STILL have to go to the same gym all the time? Avoid a sticky gym situation by taking advantage of these tips:


  • Disclose all of the details - Make sure you’re both on the same page so neither of you has to end up transferring gyms or going on a different schedule.
  • Beware of coaching each other - No one wants to be corrected on the things they’re doing all the time. Unless one person is notably more into working out and stuff, there’s no reason you should be criticizing each other’s gym routines.
  • Create an action plan - Talk to each other about what happens if things go south. Are you going to have to change schedules or talk to your friends?
  • Don’t forget what drew you in to begin with - You’re both into the same things obviously if you’re both gym rats. Remember that at the end of the day.


Dating someone who goes to or works at your gym can kind of be like dating a coworker. Fun for a while, but could really mess things up for you down the road. Make sure all of the risks are worth it!


Source: Bar Bend

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