Body language signs that he's into you!

Going on dates and meeting people at bars - it’s hard to tell when someone’s REALLY into you. And you don’t want to make a move before you’re really sure, so what are you supposed to do?? Luckily, there are expert approved ways of knowing if someone’s into you based solely off of their body language. Here are some of the big identifiers:


  • His eyebrows are raised. If you’re eyebrows are raised, that means you like what you see.
  • He shows his front teeth. Lots of smiling is DEFINITELY a good sign.
  • He licks his lips. Not in a creepy way of course, but a little subconscious lip licking is a good sign.
  • He locks eyes with your face. Not looking you in the eye could mean that he’s looking at other things he’s interested in.
  • He leans towards you when you talk. Leaning in is a great way to know that he wants to be near you.
  • He touches your knee. This is a surefire way to know he’s interested.
  • He sits with his legs spread. This exposes all sorts of man parts that may need some airing out when they're attracted to someone.
  • He touches his throat. This could represent communication and vulnerability.
  • He grazes your forearm when you’re talking. Come on. Any sort of touching is a pretty good sign.
  • He walks beside you. If he’s always a few steps ahead or behind, that’s when you should worry.
  • He plays with his glass. This is probably a sign of nervousness.


If none of these signs are there, maybe you should take a step back and see what he does. Otherwise, if it starts to drive you really crazy, you can just ask him if he’s interested or not!


Source: Cosmopolitan

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