10 ways to fall back in love with the gym

10 ways to fall back in love with the gym

1. In the words of Beyoncé, "Partner, let me upgrade you."That's right: Splurge on the locker! For an extra $15 (or so) a month, you'll spare yourself the hassle of hauling a bulky gym bag to and from the office each day. Eliminating the nagging obstacles that hinder your fitness routine will go far in getting you back on track. Store a spare set of kicks, an extra brush, a separate makeup bag, and whatever else will fit and you'll find squeezing in a half hour here and there becomes more frequent and less of an ordeal.

2. Leave yourself a locker treat.Like a secret admirer leaving love notes, reserve something special and rewarding in that new gym locker of yours. Whenever you find yourself contemplating if you have the gusto to get to the gym, remember the awesome new headphones you intentionally left behind. Whether it's fancy new makeup, a new set of sneakers, or a comfy new sports bra, reserving special items for your locker is a great way to reward yourself for getting in the door. (Check out 18 Life-Saving Items Trainers Keep in Their Gym Bags.)

3. Get your TV time in.Tired of fighting off bae every time Scandal comes on? Binge-watching House of Cards and don't want to share screen time with the roomies? We don't blame you. Instead, head to the gym for some television-infused cardio. Whether you bring your own device for your Netflix favorites, or schedule your Thursday night workouts in time for show time, there's no shame in making the most of your favorite hour of television.

4. Use the buddy system.Even when you don't feel like giving three sets of twelve, you probably feel like a good chat with a close pal. Commit to each other and spend the time reconnecting, venting, or better yet, laughing. (Hey, it's one more way to burn off those extra calories!) (Here's Why Having a Fitness Buddy Is the Best Thing Ever.)

5. Sport some new gear.Nothing gets us more excited to get up and out then a brand new Fitbit or sexy new yoga pants to show off those sweat-earned, lovely lady lumps.

6. Practice the art of positive thinking.Rather than looking at your workout as punishment for last night's plate of nachos (#sorrynotsorry), start to see an hour at the gym as a reward. Make gym time your time. Treat it as a sacred reprieve from the conference calls, the relationship drama, and the endless to-do lists. Protect your YOU time.

7. Commit to a cause.Big wedding coming up? Holiday work gala to go to? High school reunion haunting your fuller figure? Circle the big day on your calendar and commit to (reasonable) fitness goals between now and then. There will be no greater confidence boost than working toward (and hitting!) those goals just in time for the big day.

8. Get paid.Yes, you read that right. Get paid to go to the gym. Many companies and insurance companies offer a cash back reward for attending the gym a certain number of times each year. The reasoning? Insurance companies end up paying out less in medical expenses if you make movement a part of your daily routine. What they pay you for working out is a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering costs of medical bills caused by lack of exercise. Insurance doesn't pay? Don't worry! Check out PACT, an app where you commit to weekly exercise and healthier eating. You'll get a cash reward when you meet your goals, paid out by other PACT members who don't meet theirs. So what are you waiting for? Get moving and make that money!

9. Treat yo' self!That's right, use the amenities! How often do you set aside time to detox in the sauna? Or soak in the whirlpool? These are gym luxuries many of us take for granted. Nothing completes the mind-body balance like slowly unwinding from a hard workout. Forcing yourself into relaxing situations is the perfect end to your self-improvement routine. You can thank us later. (We've got 15 Healthy Ways to Spend Your Money.)

10. Set yourself up for success.Do it with the cutest trainer in the building. Well, not it. Get your mind out of the gutter, girls. We're talking about those free training sessions you received when you first signed up for the gym in the first place. We're all guilty of ignoring the offer to spare ourselves the awkward personal training pitches, but these workout sessions give you a basic understanding of how to use the machinery properly, what workouts to commit to, and, if nothing else, a familiar (cute!) face at the gym.

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