Qualities of women most likely to cheat

Although some people may only think of men being the cheaters in a relationship, plenty of women step out on their man, and apparently there are certain women who are more likely to find a side piece than others.

The UK’s top dating website for married people, IllicitEncounters.com, studied the traits of their 10-thousand users to determine the common characteristics of most of the cheaters on their site, and the results may surprise you.

Overall, lonely women are the most likely to cheat, which isn’t that surprising. In fact, 30% of all women on the site describe themselves as lonely, with women who consider themselves “virile” the second most common type of cheater at 27%. And guys, if you think your woman is happy at home you may be kidding yourselves, with 20% of the cheaters on the site describing themselves as “homemakers,” the most common occupation amongst female cheaters.

As for guys, the most common cheaters are tall, smart and rich, with 40% of all men on the site six feet tall or more.

So, why are these people most likely to cheat? Well, the study finds that men do it because of lust, arrogance and their ego, while women look for some strange if they start feeling neglected by their partner.

Source: New York Post

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