Easy ways to burn more calories

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Ways to burn more calories today:

    1. Wake up early. Early birds tend to be healthier and less stressed out. That nasty s-word contributes to cortisol --a hormone that leads to dreaded belly fat!

   2. Stretch. This will reduce soreness from exercise, so you can work out harder after a big calorie burn.

   3. Work out in the morning. Exercising on an empty stomach could help you burn more fat and early morning sunlight is associated with a lower BMI.

   4. Walk at work. Utilize that time on the job to burn more calories by taking the stairs, visiting a co-worker instead of sending an email and walking to grab lunch instead of ordering in.

   5. Use a standing desk. Trading in your comfy chair could mean a cool five-pound weight loss after one year!

   6. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Researchers discovered that obese individuals that were given moderate amounts of caffeine burned more calories up to three-hours after they finished their java and had higher metabolic rates.

   7. Stop grazing. The Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that folks who eat three solid meals every day are leaner and have less belly fat than their snacking counterparts.

   8. Set a timer. Ramp up your fitness by exercising for just a few minutes every half-hour or hour.

   9. Dial up the fiber. Adding 10-grams per-day can help you shed belly fat and lower the risk of obesity, liver disease and metabolic syndrome.

   10. Be picky about parking. Instead of nabbing the prime spot in front, head toward the back to add some steps into your daily total. (Source: Zerobelly.com --Lee)

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