5 jewelry care tips for summer

Jewelry care tips for summer time, from InStyle:  

 --Pack with care. While traveling, it's easy to throw everything together. But you may realize that, a diamond can scratch a pearl (and other gems.) Experts recommend storing fine jewelry in individual soft cloth pouches or lined jewelry boxes to prevent scratching, dulling and tangling of chains. Running out the door for a quick one-night trip and can't find a pouch or box? Keep bracelets and necklaces from tangling by threading them through a straw. You can also wrap each item in tissue for added protection.   

--Leave the sand castles to the kids. Abrasion from beach sand poses a risk to jewelry as it acts like coarse sandpaper on gems. When selecting jewelry for the day, consider your schedule of activities. Thinking through your plans may remind you to leave your jewelry. Most times you're better off with your jewelry stored away.   

 --Sunbathe without your jewels. Sunscreen can coat a gemstone which would reduce the refractive and reflective light, and cause your stone to lose its brilliance. Also keep colored gems out of the sun, as light and high temperatures can fade the color over time, particularly those that have been treated.   

--Strip down before you swim. Beaches and swimming pools are easy places to lose jewelry. Cold ocean water can cause fingers to shrink up and rings to fall off, while pool water can cause your gem to lose its polish and erode its finish after exposure to chlorine.    

--Protect your valuables. Never leave fine jewelry unattended on a lounge chair or in a hotel room. Use your hotel's safety deposit box or safe. And when cleaning the jewelry, don't do it near a sink to avoid any unfortunate down-the-drain accidents.

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