Are you making your face look older?

10 ways you're making your face look 10 years older!

1. Using your phone.  Modern technology is fabulous, but covered with bacteria that can give you acne, cause your eyes to wrinkle from squinting and create tension in the jaw.  Plus, the pull of gravity can lead to "tech neck" and sagging in the lower face.

2.  Your bed linen.  Splurge on a silk pillowcase, which will stop hair frizz.  Resist the urge to sleep on your side...small skin folds can cause premature wrinkles.

3.  Drinking through a straw.  The sucking motion causes fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth.

4.  Rubbing your skin.  Dab or pat that expensive nighttime moisturizer.

5.  Room and Water Temperature.  Hot showers can be delightful, but dry out your skin - fast - and causes it to crack and develop wrinkles.

6.  Certain foods.  Sugar breaks down glucose which sticks to collagen cells and prevents them from plumping up.

7.  Long hair.  A long 'do pulls features down and makes you appear older.  Go bold, chop off the split ends and you'll wind up with a shiny, healthy style to keep you looking young.

8.  Using soap.  This dries the skin and lets everyone see your fine lines.

9.  TV marathons.  Binge watching can cause you to look haggard, while high energy visible light from phones and other screens can release enzyme MMP-1.  This breaks down collagen and elastin, both structures that keep things firm and youthful.

10.  Last-minute drinks.  Just a few extra cocktails every week can cause your face to flush, body to dehydrate and act as a diuretic.

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