9 bad reasons to have another baby!

9 bad reasons to have another baby 

You desperately don't want to go back to work

 You stopped working to raise your kids and now that the first one (or however many) are in school, you're worried that you need to go back to work (which in retrospect seems so unfulfilling), and having another baby would solve that! But eventually the new baby will be in school too, so you're only staving off the inevitable. Better to read a book like What Color is My Parachute and figure out something that will make you happy right now.

You're sure this one will be a better sleeper!

Your new baby might be a better sleeper than your other baby; the one that never ever slept and almost put you in the grave from pneumonia you contracted because you COULD NEVER SLEEP FOR MORE THAN 45 MINUTES AT A TIME. Sure. And then again, it's more likely that it won't be a better sleeper because most babies just suck at sleeping.

To fix your marriage

Sure, it may seem like a good idea at the time to bring out your husband/boyfriend/guy you met playing pool last month's daddy instincts. But statistics say that it will surely backfire. Better to work on your marriage or relationship first and when that's stable — baby time!

Because baby feet.

Yeah. This might actually be a good reason. I think I just gave myself baby fever! Good thing my tubes are tied.

To finally get that girl (or boy)

"I just kept trying for a boy" said the woman with eighteen daughters.

Because all your friends are doing it

Peer pressure is a tough thing. If you have made some mommy or daddy friends and they all start going for kid number two you may want to have another baby just so you don't get left out. But remember, you will also HAVE ANOTHER BABY. If you know that you kind of really like your life as it is, then why not skip the baby and just help your friends with theirs? They will LOVE you for that! Also, you could get a dog! I'm here to help.

Because you have easy pregnancies

You know that's a bad reason right? Okay, good.

You screwed the first one up so badly you want a do-over

This is probably a more common reason than you think. Lots of people may have had a kid or kids when they were young and want another chance at it now that they feel they have more knowledge and better circumstances. Unfortunately this reason makes having a baby about you and not really about the baby. You want to feel like a good parent, you want to feel redeemed, you, you, you. On the other hand it's still a better reason than one of mine which was "I'll get good drugs in the hospital." So there's that.

Because you have a really good baby name you want to use

I also totally get that reason too! But don't.

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