10 Friendship Deal Breakers

Sometimes you should just let go of "Bad Friends!"

10 friendship deal breakers 

Wrecking your stuff

Remember back in school when you had friends (or friends of friends) who would steal your CDs? Sure, most people have grown out of that, but there are still girls out there who won't treat your things with respect. Most damage to property can be forgiven with time -- especially if she makes it right. 

Getting you in legal/physical trouble

This one should be obvious, but we're including it on the list anyway. Anyone who engages in self-destructive behavior and pulls you into it against your will is not a friend. A good friend will have your back if you get jumped; a bad friend is the one picking the fight.

Pathological one-upsmanship

Have you ever met a someone who has a "lot of friends?" Not the kind who's genuinely well-connected, but the kind who responds to every story with, "That's nothing. This girl I know.... " Everything you tell them about, they proceed to tell you about the time they did it -- only it was three times cooler.


There are different types of mooching; sometimes, it's as simple as needing you to drive everywhere and never chipping in for gas. Maybe you seem to always throw in more to cover the check than they do. Mooching isn't always about money, either: If you have cool perks to your job, who are the friends who always want the hookup? The basics of mooching are found in that nagging feeling that you're doing far more for the friendship than they do. 

Purposely embarrassing you

Sure, we all bust jokes when we're hanging out, but some take it too far. These girls feel the constant need to put others down. Whether it's sharing embarrassing stories you told them in confidence or having a laugh at your expense, you may find yourself cut down over and over by a certain friend. Friends are there to support you and help you. 

Going behind your back

Whether it's going after a job they know you wanted or that cute guy you've been flirting with, some "friends" will sell out your friendship as soon as your back is turned. These are the same people who will gladly tell others your private matters because they prefer gossiping to keeping confidences. 

Always needing money

We all know people who are forever hurting for money and never seem to be able to pay it back. Chances are there's one in your circle, and if so, you need to consider your friendship to this person. Let's be clear here: There's nothing wrong with spreading your money around a bit if you can afford it. When you're out with friends and feeling fine, picking up the first round is a classy gesture. Likewise, if you have a friend who has a genuine need that you're able to help with, a loan can be a strong bond in that friendship. The key to this deal breaker is that word "always" in the title: 

Stealing a boyfriend

Many friendships have dissolved over a guy. Some for good reasons, others for bad ones. Stealing a boyfriend is grounds for ending a friendship. If you've made it clear that you're seeing someone and have strong feelings for them, and one of your friends knowingly gets in the middle, she's violated that bond of trust and isn't worth your time.

Breaking trust

This is the big one, and for good reason. If you look back over the list, most of the "deal breaker" behaviors come down to two core abuses: people who use you rather than seeing you as an equal and people who do you harm. Breaking trust combines both of those behaviors into a friendship-destroying one-two combo. When a friend betrays your trust to achieve a personal goal, she puts her own well being above your own and steps on your shoulders to do it. Bottom line: If you have friends who betray your trust in them, you should find better friends, because the ones you have are doing nothing but harm.

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