Woman Accidentally Uses Gorilla Glue as Hairspray

Branding - LFW September 2016

Branding - LFW September 2016

A woman in a viral Tik Tok had to learn the hard lesson that Gorilla Glue isn't the hairspray she thought she bought.

Tessica Brown ran out of hair spray and used spray on industrial strength Gorilla Glue to lock in her low pony. Her hair turned into a glue helmet and WOULD NOT WASH OUT.

She posted another Tik Tok showing how shampoo doesn't do a damn thing.

So how in the hell did she go from got2b hairspray to glue?! People in the comments and on Twitter are thinking she meant to buy Gorilla Snot, a hair product, on Amazon but accidentally bought Gorilla Glue.

I can't stop laughing, I'm concerned and we need to know how this ends.