5 Ways To Manage Your Mental Health During Self-Quarantine

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You’re stuck inside, the news is stressing you out, and social media has done nothing but spike your anxiety. We can relate. Times are hard right now, especially with everyone trying to practice self-distancing and self-isolation amid the ongoing pandemic. It’s times like these when it’s most important to lean into what betters our mental health, and sometimes that involves distancing the mind from the things that bring us down.

So with that, allow us to offer some ideas to keep your mental health in check while you’re stuck inside.

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1. Watch Netflix

There’s no better time to Netflix and chill (alone) — or with friends using "Netflix Party" — than when you’re cooped up inside all day. There are tons of streaming services available online, and Netflix is one of our favorite go-tos to binge-watch our favorite shows and movies. (Here’s what’s streaming on Netflix now.)

2. Get some rest

A great way to decompress while stuck inside is by taking a nap or two. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a cat nap — quick 30-minute naps have been shown to boost memory and attention in adults. Of course, to reduce stress and anxiety, it’s important adults get their recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

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3. Read a book

Work — and life in general — often leaves us little leisure time for reading, so now’s a good time to finally pull out that mystery novel that’s been collecting dust on your bookshelf. Not only is perusing the best way to spark your imagination and creativity, but books make a perfect distraction given the times we’re facing. (See which new reads we’re recommending here.)

4. Cook a meal

Sure, DoorDash and all those other fancy food delivery apps might seem like a luxury, but they’re going to cost you a pretty penny over time. Instead of stressing yourself out by depleting your bank account, try preparing meals at home. Don’t know what to cook? Try this resource to use whatever ingredients you have on hand.

5. Take a bath

When’s the last time you actually drew a bath for yourself? In times like these, gone is the need to shower and hit the door, and nothing beats putting your mind at ease like a warm bath. You can make the experience even more special with a few drops of any essential oils you have laying around the house too.

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