Iggy Azalea Went On A “Mental Retreat” To Deal With Anger Issues

Iggy Azalea has been known to get into some huge Twitter feuds, but we may not see that happen anymore. In a new interview with "Billboard" the singer reveals that she got help for her anger issues after her team staged an intervention for her. 

“[My management team was] like, ‘We think you’re really talented and you can go to the studio and make hits all day, but we don’t know if, you know, someone says something about you and you have a reaction it could ruin a branding deal. We need you to go and speak to these people and make sure that you’re mentally prepared to come out with new music,'" she explains. "I didn’t want to go there — I didn’t like the idea of being sent away somewhere. I was pissed.”

Iggy admits she at first wasn't okay with the idea of getting help, but then thought of her good friend Demi Lovato, whose career has taken off since she took care of her mental health issues. She wound spending two weeks at a “mental retreat,” where she underwent “intensive therapy."

“It was good to say something to somebody who could give me the tools and information on how to make my life manageable when I’m feeling those things," she says, "So it was really useful — I’m glad that I went.”


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