Britney Spears Will Not Allow Ex To Take Advantage Of Her

Britney Spears ex Kevin Federline is looking for a raise in the $20,000 a month child support he gets from the singer, but he’s not getting the dough that fast. 

K-Fed reportedly wants $40K a month now, with an insider telling "Us Weekly," “Kevin seems to believe it’s fair and much lower than what a judge would order based on her income.” But Brit’s side thinks that’s ridiculous, since Britney already covers all the kids expenses, calling K-Fed’s move “a shameless money grab.” A source adds, “Kevin hasn’t had a full-time job in a long time. He just continues to sponge off Britney.”

The source notes Britney “absolutely will not allow Kevin to take advantage of her,” adding, “If he even dares to withhold her kids from her after asking for a child support increase, there will be hell to pay.” 

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, a source tells Us Weekly, that Britney’s dad Jamie is considering ending his conservatorship over her. “Jamie is actively consulting with Britney’s medical team to determine if the conservatorship of Britney as the person should finally come to an end,” an insider says. “It’s just a question of timing as she is about to begin the tour, so the thinking is to do it at the conclusion.”


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