Justin Timberlake Passes Out Shots At Tour Opening

Justin Timberlake just kicked off his “Man of the Woods” tour in Toronto and he was certainly in the mood to celebrate. The singer and his band decided to have a shot on stage to mark the occasion, and actually distributed some to members of the audience. 

“Sorry we had to do this — this is our first night,” J.T. said as he passed around the booze. “Here’s to the wonderful city I always have a blast in.”

And while you may think J.T. was taking a risk, considering there may be youngsters in the audience, apparently everything was meticulously planned. According to The Blast, the Air Canada Centre were informed of J.T.’s plans to pass out shots and say they “worked closely with the tour to ensure that it adhered to our venue alcohol policies,” adding that “no alcohol was served to minors.” Check out the celebratory moment here.


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