Here’s How Taylor Swift Keeps Her Private Life Private

Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn seem to be still going strong and it could be because they are doing a good job of keeping their private life private. So, how are they doing it? Well, according to insiders they go to great lengths to make sure their romance stays out of the tabloids, although that doesn’t keep them from seeing each other as much as they like.

“Taylor has been in the UK a LOT more than people know," an insider tells E!. "She has the entire routine down pat now."

According to insiders, when visiting Joe in London, Taylor always travels by private jet to a private airfield, and has her passport checked on the plane so she doesn’t have to go through any terminals. Once off the plane she’s driven to Joe’s home in a “fairly nondescript blacked-out car." 

"Unless you're part of her inner circle, you wouldn't know when she is or isn't here," the source says, noting Taylor "barely leaves a trace."

And once she’s in London, she and Joe don’t exactly hit the club scene. The insider insists they spend most of their time at “his place.”


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