Who Does Bruno Mars Want To Perform At The Next Super Bowl?

We’ve got an entire year to think about next year’s Super Bowl halftime show but Bruno Mars already knows what he wants to see.

The singer, who headlined the halftime show himself in 2014, took to social media to make a case for the NFL hiring a hip-hop artist for next year’s performance, specifically one from Atlanta, where the game is being held. 

“Yo is it true that the next Super Bowl is in Atlanta?,” he tweeted. “@NFLyou have the opportunity to celebrate incredible Hip Hop Artist from Atlanta Next year.”

He then went on to give the NFL some suggestions including, Outkast. T.I Gucci, lil jon, Jeezy, and Jermaine Dupri, and then offered to help curate the show. He added, “all jokes aside please lets make that happen."


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