Demi Lovato Uses Social Media To Flirt With Henry Cavill

Thanks to social media you don’t necessarily need to be introduced to someone to get their attention, and Demi Lovato proved just how it’s done. Folks couldn’t help but notice that Demi seemed to set her sights on catching “Superman” star Henry Cavill’s eye, and did so very strategically.

After Henry followed Demi on Instagram, she decided to follow him back, and then immediately shared a sexy photo of herself in lingerie. Not long after that she liked two of Henry’s photos. That was enough to get Henry to notice her, and he started liking some of her pictures, even commenting on one photo, “This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato.”

Well, all this maneuvering didn’t go unnoticed by Demi’s fans, who took to social media to applaud her triumph. 



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