Demi Lovato Is Learning To Love Her Body

While Demi Lovato sings about being “Confident” she admits there are times she doesn’t always feel that way. The singer posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit, where she opened up to fans about her insecurities, and declares that she’s not going to feel bad anymore.

“So, I’m insecure about my legs in this picture but I’m posting it because I look so happy and this year I’ve decided I’m letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism,” she captioned the pic. “Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing.”

She notes, “Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes,” adding, “Today I’m feeling strong. You all can do it too. It IS possible. Thank you God for this new chapter in my life.”



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